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Transforming your world into intelligent data for our future

We enable the management of complex data relationships, machine learning capabilities and advanced visualisation tools for Digital Twins that facilitates asset management optimisation.

1. describe the things you care about

2. places these things in your world in space and time

3. link all the things with each other and external data

4. edit manage, analyse and optimise

5. share and communicate all dimensions of your world with others

Combine data in your world into a single view to simplify access, sharing and integration for all.

Plant & Process

Urban Planning





Transcend maps to a powerful new multidimensional data navigation concept.  ​


Bruce, provides a modern digital version of the “Method of Loci” or "A Memory Palace”, making this concept of visual data navigation and “Thing Management” available to everyone.  

(Cicero discussed the method of loci in his De Oratore.)

Manage Things, Not Maps


bOS is Nextspace’s answer to transforming data into intelligent tools to meet the operational challenges that we face now and into the future. 


As a Digital Twin Operating System bOS makes pure ‘data ontology’ a critical foundational requirement. 

"Digital Twins are the topic of heated and excited discussion everywhere..."

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