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We make complex data from multiple sources simple to consume, manage and interact with.

Nextspace was created in 2007 by Right Hemisphere. Founded by Nextspace's current CEO, Mark Thomas, Right Hemisphere, until acquired by SAP in 2011, was a leading provider of 3D visual enterprise digital twin solutions based in California and New Zealand.


Bruce is a SaaS solution that can integrate all kinds of 2D and 3D spatial and non-spatial data to create a common viewing, collaboration, editing and management experience.

Bruce is a complete digital ontology management system designed to create a Digital Twin understandable by both humans and computers alike.

Bruce turns Digital Twin talk and aspirations into reality and immediate ROI.


Bruce is a universal geospatial user tool to visualise infrastructure and assets, be it a single building, group of buildings, or all horizontal and linear physical and organisational structures and facilities.

XMpLant is a data interchange tool with interfaces to major plant and process design systems.


XMpLant unlocks data in architectural and engineering design systems to create value and understanding for an entire organization.


XMpLant seamlessly integrates with Bruce to create a living, breathing complete model of your plant that can include media and live data feeds from SCADA and sensors to provide a 3D dashboard of your facilities in a single web-based user interface.

Ed, short for entity detection, is a smart, automated asset detection, logging and reporting solution using artificial Intelligence methods for video analysis.

Ed can detect any “thing”, whether working in conjunction with a camera attached to a moving vehicle or being carried by a person.

Ed is currently set up to detect, log and report on road signs and road defects.



Mark Thomas is a visual computing and design veteran of 30 years with multiple patents to his name. His previous company, Right Hemisphere, developed Digital Twin Solutions for Boeing, NASA/JPL, SpaceX, Gulfstream, Caterpillar, Chrysler and many others. 


Right Hemisphere created the Adobe 3D PDF technology and .U3D format, licensing them to Adobe as part of work with Boeing on their “Model Based Definition” strategy, an early version of Digital Twin technology. 


Right Hemisphere was funded by Sequoia Capital and ultimately acquired by SAP. 


Mark now heads up Nextspace, a company spun off from Right Hemisphere in 2007 that is dedicated to creating the next generation of Digital Twin technology, centred around the latest in cloud and web computing services whilst incorporating all previous experience from this field.

30 years programming and system software experience.

Chief architect of the Nextspace core platform (Bruce). 

Creator of GUI patent.​

25 years sales and marketing experience. Prior to moving to New Zealand and joining Nextspace sold geospatial mobile work management solutions to many of the UK's utilities and Network Rail.


Alex Lavrinovich





Sales & Marketing Director


Digital Twins / 3D Modelling / GIS / LIDAR Scanning / CyberCity 3D Cities / Data Integration / Consulting

- BIP (UC Quake Centre)

- U.S. Dept. of Energy (FFPO)

- City of Cambridge, MA

- Coolshadow


- Greenberg Traurig

- Transwestern

- CAD-Schroer

- Vispective

- Hindustan Shipyard

- Renaissance Downtowns

- HELiOS Exchange

- Higgins



- LeverX

- Mirari

- Caesoft

- McCaffrey Engineering Consultants

- Sanoy

- Digital Plant Specialists


- CyberCity 3D

- Enlighten Designs

- FotosA3D

- Deloitte