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Bruce for Agriculture and Horticulture is not another business analytics dashboard, but a living, breathing 2D and 3D digital twin visual representation of your (unique) world, easily accessible to everyone across an organisation.



Bruce Agriculture provides a landing site for all data types and formats, and links this relevant information - in-field captured data, spreadsheets, overlays, reports, maps - to make a hub for all things digital, regardless of source.

The challenge for orchardists to meet traceability and compliance requirements, while optimizing returns, has never been greater.

While the amount of data available to work with continues to increase, the capabilities of tools to easily access and merge this data is not keeping pace.

Bruce Agriculture combines the information in your world into a single, holistic view to simplify access, sharing and integration of data for all stakeholders.

Your critical, relevant data aggregated and organised in a digestible way, so that it can be relied upon to make for accurate and actionable decisions.



Digital Twins





Manage things, not maps.

Create digital twins

with geolocated objects.

Links to subscription services and APIs

for networked sensors.

Plan and communicate visually to stakeholders with high resolution print output.

Bruce Agriculture provides the ability to access trusted, up to date, data from government, industry, private, internal reports/records and “field” data capture sources that is relevant to your specific requirements. All in one place.


With powerful data exchange and user interface capabilities, any digital source can be organised to maximise its utility to meet your compliance, biosecurity, reporting and other planning and communication needs.  

With tools and features that are becoming increasingly familiar in digital environments, Bruce Agriculture enables more efficient and effective management in today’s complex and high risk/reward agricultural environment.

Open To

All Data

Scalable /




Attach any file

(documents, multimedia)

to any individual entity

Customisable menus, navigation, branding, and dialogue boxes and forms.

Images and terrain, custom LIDAR, drone and satellite imagery.