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Currently set up to detect, log and report on road signs, "Ed" can potentially detect anything, whether attached to a vehicle or being carried by a person. 

"Ed" - short for Entity Detection - is a smart, automated asset detection, logging and reporting solution using artificial Intelligence methods for video analysis.


High Accuracy GPS Device (1-3)

GPS Position Correction Service (1-3)

ZED 2 Stereo Vision Camera (1-3)

Laptop or Tablet with NVIDIA GPU (4)

Ed Capture Software (5)

Ed Decoding Software (6)

Ed Components

Decoding UI

Near real-time decoding and recognition

Dynamic Route and asset positioning

All possible positions recorded and averaged for review

Route, assets found, locations and specifications can be uploaded to Bruce, RAMM, Esri, or other GIS and asset/work/facilities management systems.

Route Reporting

Asset Reporting

See confidence levels

Review video

Manually correct data 

Export reports

Example starter set of road signs

Additional roads signs to recognise are easily added

"Ed" is also capable of detecting road defects

Road Signs