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Hello, we are Barbaro.

A team of creatives based in San Francisco. We design strong and distinct brand identities based on real data and your brand's needs.


Digital Twins made easy.

Bruce is a brand new Digital Twin technology that brings GIS, CAD, BIM, Point Clouds and other 2D/3D data together.

1. describe the things you care about

2. places these things in your world in space and time

3. link all the things with each other and external data

4. edit manage, analyse and optimise

5. share and communicate all dimensions of your world with others

Combine data in your world into a single view to simplify access, sharing and integration for all.

Simple Process

Manage Things, Not Maps

Transcend maps to a powerful new multidimensional data navigation concept.  ​

Our Digital Twin software, "Bruce", provides a modern digital version of the “Method of Loci” or "A Memory Palace” making this concept of visual data navigation and “thing Management” available to everyone.

Manage “Things” and  their critical attributes. The relationship between things, with data and documents, and very importantly with all the possible visual representations and levels of detail or resolutions.

Cicero discussed the method of loci in his De Oratore.

Plant & Process

Urban Planning