Unlock the information in your architectural and engineering design systems to create data value and compliance for your entire organization



xmplant Generic Comparator is a tool for the comparison of process plant models from any system.

It can be used for validation between P&ID and 3D, comparison of two P&ID or 3D models. It can also use the results of the comparison for model updates, providing a powerful tool for engineering.

Our suite of data extractors is powered by xmplant to make it possible to efficiently access and interpret all your CAD data and information and create a fully compliant ISO 15926 or IFC data repository

xmplant converts unstructured and ‘dumb’ data into intelligent asset information that may be managed for value through the design, build and operate lifecycle.


xmplant also facilitates data conversion between standards such as ISO 15926 and Building Information Models via the IFC ISO 16739 standard.

xmplant is a data interchange tool with interfaces to major process plant design systems.

xmplant provides access to full and intelligent process plant information in an open, neutral form (ISO 15926).


It supports the full structure, attributes, and geometry of schematics and 3D models.

xmplant is recognized as a leader in standards based interoperability and has been adopted by the major vendors of process plant design systems and the XMpLant Schemas have been published by Fiatech and The POSC Caesar Association) as defining Dictionary compliance.


The power of the xmplant environment comes from the use of a flexible data model, to and from which the information from the native systems is mapped.


The Mapping Sub-System has extensive facilities for the manipulation of Elements and Attributes, removing the need for hard coding and providing an extensible user controlled configuration system (mapping is defined in XML files) tailored to the structure of your own data.


A number of interfaces are available to industry leading plant, process and engineering design systems, providing system interoperability and data exchange.


Read Extractors:

  • Bentley

  • Hexagon Intergraph


  • DGN, DWG

  • Excel Spreadsheets

  • IFC​ 

Write Extractors:

  • Hexagon Intergraph

  • PTC

  • Bentley

  • DGN, SVG

  • Excel Spreadsheets

  • SAP


Improve access performance for engineering design databases built on Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle or Microsoft Access.



A packaged application providing conversion for individual datasets and automated conversion for larger datasets through configuration of the Mapping Sub-System.


xmplant can convert a Datasheet (a ‘dumb’ Excel spreadsheet) into a structured XML file using the classes of ISO 15926-4.  The mapping file defines how to add the “intelligence”.

This ensures important information can be easily accessed by downstream business processes.

xmplant also facilitates Datasheet Interchange by supporting the conversion of intelligent Datasheets to spreadsheet format.


Add intelligence to your engineering drawings, allowing specific items to be reported or exported to other systems.

We offer a powerful graphical pre-processing engine and mapping functionality to assist in identifying symbols and other components of a ‘dumb’ drawing.

Our tool:

  • Enables rules to be specified to create engineering items

  • Offers extensive attribute value manipulation

  • Works for PFD, P&ID’s, ISO’s, Electrical, GA’s and Plot plans

  • Contains sophisticated graphical pre-processing to identify Symbols


xmplant allows interoperability between ISO 15926 for Engineering Design and ISO 16739 / IFC for Building Information Models (BIM).

It is now possible to integrate building models and process plant design models, allowing the holistic management of all assets during the design, build and operate phases of their lifecycle.



A faster route to processing data.

An application to aid the creation of xmplant Mapping files.

XmVME is an XML Editor optimised for the creation of valid XML mapping files for xmplant.

Access to the Reference Data Library is provided so that the correct definitions may be located and used within the mapping definitions.

Used in conjunction with xmplant, the Value Mapping Editor provides a faster route to correctly processed data.


XMpDE is the development environment for xmplant, providing complete access to all of the operations and mapping sub-systems.


XMpDE allows xmplant functionality to be embedded in customer or vendor applications.


XMpDE is built on a powerful mapping system and uses industry standard code development languages for developing your own applications: “Powered by xmplant



The Promise of fast efficient management of ISO 15926 classes.

RDLManager allows an engineering view of reference data by exposing the ISO 15926 reference for query and interaction, via an intuitive user interface.

RDLManager works with our flagship xmplant toolset and the XmVTE validating template editor. The neutral model comes as either an XML file, or in OWL/RDF.

The RDLManager connects to the online definitions for commonly used items within the plant design systems.


The information that defines the details for piping and other components for process plant design originate from the standards bodies and the manufacturers of these components.

The xmplant ShapeCatalogue allows the shape of components to be defined parametrically from design system specifications.

This provides a standards driven definition of the components that can be used to create an explicit definition, such that 3D design models can be visualised downstream, independent of the design system that created it.

This can also form a company neutral – ISO 15926 ShapeCatalogue library for use with other business applications.


XmVTE is an application to connect to online Reference Data Libraries and locate item definitions and their associated attribute fields.


It provides a direct access to The POSC Caesar Association (http://posccaesar.org) through the use of their dedicated data API.

The application enables a user to search the Reference Data Library and validate a valid Mapping for xmplant to use in data extraction and conversion.

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